Thursday, May 10, 2012

5 kids with their Eldest sister

The other day I had momo's with a girl and her brothers.She was doing the work of both Mom and sister.we ate together And I told them the simple story of Jesus.They listened and enjoyed the Jesus story.Please pray that the seeds we sowed will fruition for God and his kingdom.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Street kids Music ministry

We have now discovered three things that are dear to a street kids heart:
Meat curry
.....therefore two of our leaders just finished a 50 day street kids music ministry training that will help us launch a music ministry to add to our football and food ministry to them.Please do pray for us.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Samarana an idol makers son

both his parents are idol makers.his mom and dad dont really care if he is on the streets or not.leaves home when he wants and they dont and cant be bothered where he stays. we found him drugged on the streets. we fed him once.he wanted to leave the streets. he now lives with us. please pray for us.we are seeking God's will of what do do.HE ACCEPTED CHRIST WHEN OUR SON LED HIM TO JESUS...HALLELUJAH.

sujana inspired academical

So wonderful to have had this opportunity to say yes to him when he wanted to leave the streets.He now lives with one of our partners and comes first in class.His parents sent him with his uncle from the village to Kathmandu city.On a secret mission to abandon him on the streets.His uncle said stay here and abandoned him forever.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


with much joy and with much grace from the LORD... We were able these past two years to rescue and restore to childrens homes 15 street kids.pray for us as we continue to visit them on the streets play football with them and eat our lunches with them.we dream of 15 more this year that we can place in families.

Three cups annually

we have annually three football tournaments with street children:

1...Sathee cup... this cup is about friendships.between us and and with jesus...we want them to grow in their relationships with God and man.

2...Dolphin cup... like dolphins who rescue ships from icebergs.We praech that Jesus is like a dolphin.He will rescue us from the icebergs of illicit sex,violence and drugs etc.,

3...Story cup... here we share the 38 parables of Jesus and how he can transform all of their life.Physical,emotional,mental,social and offcourse spiritual life too.

sendhu our son

when we met him on the streets,he looked withdrawn and washed out,maybe it was the fatalism of it all or the curse of karma people must surely argue but...we shared with him about JESUS and fed him then took him to lagankhel market and clothed him...he whispered in our sisters ear... i want to leave the streets...GOD has provided us with money even to send him to school praise the LORD